The Hibiscus and the Rose

Behind close doors when no one could see, she wore red lipstick just to see. How pretty she looked, how pretty she felt!
Oh how she longed to put it on the next day, to walk outside on a pleasant summer’s day. To be like the striking rose…

The next day came, her moment arrived. She applied the lipstick moments before stepping out. As she opened the door to debut the rose, she stopped. ” Too much attention, I can’t, it’s too bold, too much, not now.” She was the shy rose or was she? She’ll try again tomorrow and so she did, taking the same steps as the day before to be like the striking rose.
Applying the red lipstick, she took her time. Slowly she door opened, for her to go and slowly but surely, she did. Walking down the steps, she wore her red lipstick. Such beauty behind closed doors now for all to see. Such triumph she felt being outside wearing her red lipstick no longer in hiding. She was striking, so striking. She was the striking Hibiscus, not the striking Rose. Finally she had accepted herself for who she was! She loved being the hibiscus, she enjoyed her red lipstick and that was just the beginning…

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Shyness is not a weakness.

How wonderful!


Last night before I went to bed I could not stop thinking about my next post.  So many thoughts to share, so many things came to my mind but one was consistent – “How wonderful is this, a place where I get to meet new people from all around the world I probably would have never spoken to in my lifetime.  I get the opportunity to share, and to read what others have shared.”  I am inspired and I hope to inspire.  How wonderful is that!

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Mean- I am not mean, snobby, stuck up or whatever the other adjectives are. Well sometimes I can be but come on who doesn’t have bad days where something doesn’t go right and you just want to be mean?? I am shy,not mean really. I want to talk but may not know how to start at this moment but just give me some time.

Boring- The opposite, I like to have fun and even make others laugh. The best is when no one is watching. All I need is a mirror and a song in my head. Then you can see how fun and dramatic I can be.

Quiet- I am but not all are. I have two daughters… #1 is quiet and observant has been since a babe #2 where is the remote I need to turn the volume down- my loud child and outspoken when she’s comfortable.
For every shy girl it’s different and our true characteristics only come out when we are completely comfortable. At least I can say so for myself.

The list goes on, so don’t judge a book by the cover… : )

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on being shy…

“It’s not that easy to find someone I can relate to. I’m tough to crack because I’m shy.”
Kristin Kreuk

Is this you?? It’s me! What’s your shy quote or no quote? Share so we can have something to talk about : )

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